The Paleo Recipe Book

The Paleo Dieting Review of the Paleo Recipe Book

You’re probably here as you want some recipes to eat naturally using a Palaeolithic diet.Or you may just be here to learn more about the Paleo diet. If you don’t already know what a Palaeolithic diet is, then check out the What is Paleo page.

With a Paleo diet you will feel Stronger, more energetic and generally – well just Healthier! You will have fewer Illnesses not suffer from allergies and generally feel better.

Sure this is a claim most diets state However the Paleo diet is based on the premise that you eat what you naturally should eat and what our bodies evolved to eat!

Modern illnesses, that may stem from modern diets,  include autoimmune diseases, obesity, diabetes, heart problem, cancer and many more that were never seen some years back.

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How A Paleo Diet Helped Our Family Get Healthy

Check the Paleo Diet Recipe book out here

How easy is to to Follow a Paleo Diet

Well if you ask me very easy, you see even though I am from The UK I live in Indonesia, not far from Singapore. Here most of the food is natural and yes they do have supermarkets with tinned and frozen food but we don’t need to buy that. Our shopping list is manly Fish, Steak, mince Beef, Vegetables, chilies and rice. My wife being an Indonesian finds it hard to live without rice at least once per day.

So we eat Paleo without even thinking about it , yes I need to stay stay from milk and bread. Even when we go out for a meal, and believe me they can be real value for money, we know there are going to be no additives and or bicarbonate of soda in any or the dishes.


Paleo Recipe Book Review

So we’ve established paleo diets are good for you. In Paleo dieting Review we are going to review the Paleo Recipe Book from Paleo leap, and why you should you – or shouldn’t you buy the Books.

First off lets start with seeing what you get:

Basically 372 Recipes in 8 Categories, and to try and review all of these it would take a full year!

Check out exactly what you get on this page.

So what should a Paleo Recipe book Provide?

  • First off all provide recipes -YES – 372 of them in this book plenty to choose from fro any occasion- sitting in or entertaining.
  • Recipes that are easy to follow – YES- illustrations of each Recipe with step by step instructions, so if you’re a beginner you just follow along with the instructions..
  • Ingredients lists – YES- Full Paleo Grocery list for each of the recipes so each week you can do your shopping without worrying what you need in.
  • Nutritional information – YES – Breakdown’s of the proteins, carbohydrates and fats within the meal.
  • Who the recipe caters for –YES- how many people the recipe serves the book caters for meals from one person right up to 12 people- no more worrying about what to cook for that dinner party just checkout the meals that cater for your party size.
  • Preparation times – YES – You are given the average preparation time for each meal- no more worrying about when you need to start just simply add the preparation time and cooking time and you will know when to begin therefore you will be able to enjoy the rest of your day.
  • How long to Cook – YES – Exactly how long to cook the meal fro so you end up with an ideal thoroughly cooked meal for you to enjoy.

So the Paleo Recipe book provide for all the above but most of all DO the RECIPES taste GOOD?

YES they DO!

I’ve tried many of these recipes and was quite surprised that my Favorite Beef Rendang was in the Book. I have lived and worked in Indonesia and fell in love with Beef Rendang, an Indonesian dish, the Malaysians also cook similar, that is cooked in Coconut milk with Cinnamon Lemon grass Chilli and Ginger. I must say this is exactly how I love it in Indonesia.

Another favorite , in the book,  that they have of mine are smoothies; as I love drinks with berries, especially cold and refreshing drinks.

The recipes include such lovely dishes as French onion soup, shrimp Gumbo.


PresentationRoasted Veal Chops

The whole presentation of the book is well laid out with a one page format fro each meal, no turning of pages here, large photos of the meals and an easy planning guide to show you how Many people are served in each recipe along with prep times and cooking times. Plus another essential in these modern times is a listing of the three main food Types.

As these Recipes are all downloaded on PDF you can easily print out the page or show it on your iPad or other display device for convenience in your kitchen. No losing the book or getting your pages covered in kitchen goo!

 What Else Does the Paleo Recipe Book Do?

It gives you an education into a healthy lifestyle, and I mean lifestyle, with this book not only will your meals taste good, but your whole life will be better the Paleo Recipe book teaches you what you should be eating and why. Every day, Every week we hear about illnesses that affected by what we eat, with meals full of additives, mono-sodium glutamate, E numbers etc. All these chemicals are not good for you so you should cut them out whether  you’re reading Paleo Recipe Book or not reading the Paleo Recipe Book.

Paleo Dieting Review Conclusion

The  Paleo Recipe Book is well written and worded in a pleasing style, the illustrations are good and the Photographs are well taken, giving a decent image of the meals. Every meal is photographed so there is no mistake of what you should get. The books are well worth the price I paid.

One thing I will say is these books are definitely written for the American reader, so much seems to be nowadays, as all the measures are in imperial or spoon sizes, however there is a listing of metric equivalents. Web site addresses  mentioned, are also based in America so to get your groceries mail order may be a problem if you live outside the USA, The lack of a main  hyper-link book page is of no real matter as all the recipes are hyper-linked throughout the books.

Overall a good read with good recipes and a lot more information about the uses of the Paleo diet than just Recipes.

And do I recommend It

A resounding YES!!

Check the Paleo Recipe book out here